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Hi my name is Arabella and welcome to my website.
My interest in horror make-up originally came from the music industry, with Cradle of Filth on the front covers of music magazines covered in blood. I loved their art concepts on their C.D. covers, their t-shirts, videos and music magazines and as a contemporary artist I loved their stirring controversy. I liked Alex Chandon’s music videos and films too. It so happened that I lived in the area where Cradle of Filth members hung out so me liking their music was extra cool! ;)

I started as a Fine Artist at university and again, I included blood in my art: I just loved the concept of blood! My interest in horror films and special effects expanded.

My interest in make-up grew when I was doing portrait photographs with my friends as models and started doing their make-up for them in U.V. make-up and blood. I was amazed by the effects of U.V. make-up and wanted to learn more about applying make-up and special effects. I then went to Make-up College and loved learning about special effects and body painting especially.

My influences are from music and Metal bands, especially Black Metal, for example, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Rotting Christ, My Dying Bride, Nattefrost and Alex Chandon’s music videos such as From the Cradle to Enslave.

My influences are from art such as conceptual art, fantasy art, abstract expressionist art, the Y.B.A.’s, and artists such as Luis Royo, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, H.R. Giger, John Dietrich and Jackson Pollock.

My influences from make-up are Raphael Fieldhouse, Stuart Bray, Nick and Brian Wofe, Rick Baker, and Marco Licata.

My influence from film and are mainly horror or historical, such as Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Underworld, Evil Dead, The Exorcist, The Crow, Apocalypto, Braveheart.

I also love the director Ridley Scott, who I think gives a great visual viewpoint and focus on direction and whenever I am watching one of his films, the make-up always has a good viewing in shot.


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